Medflow is the leading provider of Ophthalmology-centered, Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. With more than 15 years of experience supporting the eye care industry, Medflow has a long record of success and innovation. Offering Ophthalmology-focused EHRs in both Cloud and Client-server options, Medflow's software is easily navigable and adaptable, increasing productivity and enhancing customer care.

Medflow's Complete Suite of Products

Medflow 2.0 — A Cloud-based Ophthalmology EHR

Medflow 2.0 Cloud EHR
With the future in mind, Medflow has created the ideal office solution. Medflow 2.0 is an intuitive state-of-the-art program combining modern cloud technology with Medflow’s proven eye care expertise. This innovative SaaS electronic health records system provides the foundation for success from the company dedicated to helping eye care professionals for more than 15 years.

Medflow 2.0 EHR Features:

  • Utilizes a stable and secure cloud-based application.
  • Encourages intelligent workflows optimized for speed.
  • Embraces user-friendly, intuitive design.
  • Integrates with all OS devices and browsers.
  • Provides live online training and instruction.
  • Maintains Meaningful Use, PQRS and ICD-10-ready standards.
Medflow 2.0 Cloud EHR
  • HIPAA-secure.
  • Supports Surescripts-certified e-Prescribing software.
  • Assists with image management.
  • Provides an easy-to-use patient portal.
  • Implements seamless device integration.
  • Supplies practices with 24/7 secure internet access to patient data.

Medflow 8.1 — The most trusted Ophthalmology EHR on the market

Medflow 8.1 Client Server EHR
Medflow 8.1 offers a client-server EHR for the eye care industry available with in-house or off-site hosting in Medflow's data center. The user-friendly software allows ophthalmologists to record all exam details on a single-screen. Medflow 8.1 is up-to-date, Meaningful Use Stage-2 certified and ICD-10 ready.

Medflow 8.1 EHR Features:

  • Delivers the eye care industry's most trusted, client-server EHR.
  • Provides Surescripts certified e-Prescribing tools.
  • Eliminates errors with a single-screen exam workflow.
  • Employs advanced drawing capabilities for an enhanced exam.
  • Covers Meaningful Use Stage 2 certifications.
  • Includes ASC and optical module integration.
  • Promotes 24/7 access to e-learning.
Medflow 8.1 Client Server EHR
  • Presents out-of-the-box solutions for ophthalmologists.
  • Helps with image management.
  • Incorporates an easy-to-use patient portal.
  • Integrates devices completely and securely.
  • Supports HIPAA-secure standards.
  • Is PQRS and ICD-10 ready.

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