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The Most Trusted Eye Care EHR in the industry.

Dedicated to the ophthalmology industry for over 15 years, Medflow's suite of EHR products are designed to optimize patient care and practice efficiency from check-in to check-out. With the future in mind, Medflow utilizes groundbreaking technology to streamline your office workflow with user-friendly software to increase customer satisfaction and office harmony.

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    Medflow 2.0

    • Provides a user-friendly, Cloud-based EHR.
    • Maintains Meaningful Use, PQRS and ICD-10 standards.
    • Includes live online training and instruction.
    • Supports Surescripts e-Prescribing software.
    • Contains an easy-to-use drawing tool, calculator and more.
    • Supplies 24/7 secure internet access to patient data.

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    Medflow Practice Management System

    • Offers a comprehensive solution for Ophthalmic practices.
    • Improves cash flow and productivity.
    • Streamlines daily operations with easy-to-use tools.
    • Manages administrative tasks efficiently.
    • Coordinates easily with other Medflow products.
    • Enhances patient care.

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    Medflow 8.1

    • Brings the most trusted ophthalmology EHR on the market.
    • Delivers a Client-server platform with in-house or off-site hosting.
    • Eliminates errors with an easy-to-use, single-screen exam workflow.
    • Provides an EHR that is Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified and ICD-10 Ready.
    • Manages a favorites list and autocomplete feature to help you work faster.
    • Includes ASC and optical module integration.

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    Medflow Patient Portal

    • Provides a foundation for positive patient engagement.
    • Presents patients with a user-friendly interface.
    • Does not require a patient email.
    • Provides the necessary Meaningful Use requirements.
    • Aids patients with easy medication refills, appointment and amendment requests.
    • Sends patient education materials automatically in response to diagnosis.

Medflow EHR systems
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The #1 EHR and Practice Management Solution in the business.

MDoffice's EHR and Practice Management system helps improve efficiency, increase revenue and reduce medical errors, giving eye care professionals more time to focus on patient care. Flexible and innovative, MDoffice leads the industry with Mobile, Cloud and Client-server options that are compliant and comprehensive, revolutionizing the business of ophthalmology.

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MDoffice EHR and Practice Management System
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    • Integrates easily with other EHRs with a Client-Server platform.
    • Supports a Smart-text feature for faster charting.
    • Tailors to unique office needs and speciality of practices.
    • Includes e-Prescriptions capabilities, evidence creation, and more.
    • Sets automated reminders and appointments.
    • Utilizes a HIPAA-compliant messaging system called "Ticklers".

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    • Optimizes EHR and PM workflow with innovative, cost-efficient Cloud technology.
    • Tracks and maintains patient's clinical and financial data simultaneously.
    • Provides ICD-9 to ICD-10 cross-mapping.
    • Includes no hardware or software maintenance cost.
    • Generates a diagnosis list, which can be used in charts and for billing purposes.
    • Allows patients to chat electronically and securely with providers on the patient portal

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    • Provides a touch-based, mobile EHR with a secure, fingerprint log-in.
    • Navigates with real-time voice controls.
    • Customizes clinical notes using speech, smart text and templates.
    • Communicates in real-time with staff and colleagues on the go.
    • Utilizes push notifications, messaging and internal chatting.
    • Accesses patient summaries and complete medical records — anywhere, anytime.

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    Practice Management

    • Provides the #1 practice management software for ophthalmologists.
    • Uses central records to track and manage data, claims, referrals and more.
    • Employs weekly and monthly planners for ease and convenience.
    • Change, reserve or block spots in your calendar with a personalized system.
    • Processes billings and collections efficiently to receive reimbursements faster.
    • Helps ophthalmologists plan, track and secure their businesses with customized reports.

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IO Practiceware

The highly recommended Touch Screen EHR developed for Ophthalmologists.

IO Practiceware's innovative touch screen technology lets you concentrate on patient care. The compliance-ready software and user-friendly design make documenting exams easy. With both Cloud and Client-server options, IO Practiceware's customizable EHR produces office results and comes with the "best-in-class" training and customer support.

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    Quick and Easy Tools

    • Includes large, easy-to-use buttons and consumer-friendly interface.
    • Utilizes the touch screen like a canvas, using your finger as pencil or pen.
    • Records observations as visual information.
    • Interprets visual information and translates it into other clinical fields.
    • Documents findings using Medicare color-coding.

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    Certified and Secure

    • Provides an Ophthalmology-centered EHR compliant with current standards.
    • Complies with Meaningful Use-Stage 2 certifications.
    • Navigates the ICD-10 transition while reporting the ICD-9 codes wherever required.
    • Secures that your practice will maintain current guidelines.

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    Cloud and Client-server Options

    • Supports the eye care industry with both Cloud and Client-server platforms.
    • Presents the most highly recommended touch screen EHR on the market.
    • Choose the best solution for your practice's needs.
    • Increase revenue with the easy-to-use, comprehensive EHR.

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    Best-in-Class Customer Support and Training

    • Provides experienced trainers to guide you through the materials.
    • Includes weekend and evening instruction for your added convenience.
    • Protects your investment with a caring, customer support team.
    • Receive advice and support 24/7 from customer support.

IO Practiceware Touch Screen EHR
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The popular Practice Management System and EHR designed by Ophthalmologists.

With 18 years of proven success, EyeDoc promotes a user-friendly, electronic health records system, whose goal is to increase efficiency and productivity of ophthalmology practices while improving the degree and ease of the documentation. EyeDoc Practice Management integrates seamlessly with EHRs, aiding practices with scheduling, office management and more!

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EyeDoc Electronic Health Records and Practice Management System
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    EyeDoc's Ophthalmology-Centered EHR

    • Provides an EHR focused on ophthalmology.
    • Understands practice patterns and decision making processes of ophthalmologists.
    • Increases efficiency with a user-friendly tools.
    • Interfaces with other automated ophthalmic equipment and digital cameras.
    • Coordinates with voice recognition systems.
    • Tailors to every practice's speciality and needs.

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    EyeDoc® Practice Management

    • Employs a PM system specifically for the ease-of-use of ophthalmic office staff.
    • Integrates seamlessly with other EHRs.
    • Generates customizable reports.
    • Provides a proven solution for compiling medical data.
    • Schedules appointments with a simple click-interface.
    • Enables staff to view, edit and track multiple resources simultaneously.

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    EyeDoc® Patient Management

    • Allows staff to view and edit the patients' demographics and insurance information.
    • Prints daily work sheets to promote office efficiency.
    • Provides a single screen system to schedule and view appointments and track no-shows.
    • Includes tools to track patient data, view older records, edit information and more.
    • Adapts to the needs of practice with customizable templates.
    • Schedule and track patients at multiple-office locations in seconds.

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    EyeDoc® is certified and secure

    • Complies with the Evaluation and Management Documentation guidelines.
    • Produces accurate and secure reports at the end of each visit.
    • Improves a thorough documentation of the patient records.
    • Automates letters, laser reports, prescriptions and patient instructions efficiently.
    • Follows Meaningful Use mandates.
    • Reviews claims and reimbursements, decreasing the risk of documentation errors.

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ManagementPlus has delivered best-in-class software for ophthalmologists and optometrists since 1995. Our mission is to provide affordable, effective, user-friendly software that increases your practice's productivity.

Eye Care is not one of our templates – it is all we do!

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EyeDoc Electronic Health Records and Practice Management System

Revenue Cycle Management

Partnering with eye care practices to protect, promote and increase revenue.

Our comprehensive services simplify all aspects of the Revenue Cycle Management process from identifying delinquent patient accounts to collecting unpaid claims. Our team of experts work round-the-clock, assisting hundreds of ophthalmologists, raising practice revenue, reducing physician stress and improving customer care.
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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

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